A true jobbing foundry, Vancouver Iron and Steel, Inc. is committed to offering its customers not only quality iron and steel castings, but cost-saving value-added services and capabilities that make Varicast, Inc. the best choice in the business.

Vancouver Iron and Steel, Inc. is the net result of a 1980 merger of Rich Manufacturing (founded 1939) with Vancouver Foundry (founded 1928) and the 1986 acquisition of Northwest Foundry (founded 1922). One of the largest and most progressive independent ferrous casting suppliers in the western United States, Vancouver Iron and Steel, Inc. has the experience and capabilities to serve as your ôsingle source“ foundry. Vancouver Iron and Steel, Inc. employs every major molding process including Green Sand, Air Set, Shell Mold, Cold Shell and Hunter Automatic from ounces up to 4,500 lbs. But as a ôsingle source” jobbing foundry, our capabilities extend beyond simply pouring castings, past the heat and smoke to services that save customers money. In-house heat-treating, machining, painting and plating capabilities, along with our pattern shop, make Vancouver Iron and Steel, Inc. a powerful ally for its customers.

Specializing in:

  • Gray Iron Castings
  • Special Alloy Iron Castings
  • Ni-Resist Castings
  • Carbon Steel Castings
  • Stainless Steel Casting
  • Heavy truck, trailer and hitch castings
  • Earthquake protection castings
  • Pump and Valve castings
  • Piling castings for construction
  • Cast iron Permanent molds, shell molds and shell core boxes